Hi! I’m excited about this post because it’s something a bit different. I read a lot of books on colour theory and whilst reading June McLeod’s ‘Colour Psychology Today’ I came across this interesting concept of using certain colours on days of the week to push you in the right direction. June’s work on all things colour is really innovative and she is a brilliant colour psychology consultant.

You can use these colours by wearing them, or if you’re like me and you don’t wear colour, you can find an object and sit it on your desk or wherever you need it. I’m using these colours in terms of my working week as it helps to bring me some structure and the examples in June’s book are also based around work. But you can interpret it and use it in any aspect of your life or change it any way you like!

Monstera leaf on white background with painted purple circle


Violet is a magical colour which can recharge and inspire. Inspiration is key at the beginning of the week and to kick those Monday blues! Use this inspiration to plan your week- what do you want to achieve? Get creative!

Take action motivational quote in bold red font on peach background


You’ve planned what you want to achieve this week and now its time to TAKE ACTION. It’s still the beginning of the week and time to set your plans into motion. Red gives you confidence and passion to push forwards.

Yellow rose bud with decorative yellow brush strokes


It’s no secret that yellow is a happy and uplifting colour, and it will give you a mid week boost to keep you going. It’s the colour of knowledge and empowerment so now’s the time to concentrate on ideas and feel re-energised.

Green leaves on a sky blue background with blue painted accents


Blue is the colour of communication. If you are feeling stuck, take the time to relax and re-think your communication or creative expression. Blue helps to slow your heart rate and bring to back to a peaceful state where you can communicate more clearly.

Green leaf collage with green brushstrokes in different shades


The balancing nature of green will help you to get back to your centre which is needed to check the weeks projects. Green is the colour of growth and rejuvenation, so use this energy to finalise your tasks and look forward to new ideas!

Indigo mountain scene with purple brushstrokes


Indigo is calming and relaxing. Chill out and enjoy the things that make you happy, listen to your body and do something for yourself. Indigo is also a great aid to meditation and wants you to listen to your inner self.

Colourful flowers with 'Joy' is bold white writing


Orange is sociable and joyful. It’s happy and encourages great conversation, so spend today with family and friends! The warm energy of orange is revitalising and encourages you to let go of negative emotions.