Botanicals are still in this year- yay! I’ve created a winter palette which looks perfect against winter foliage which means its time to get the pine sprigs and poinsetta’s out.
I’ve mixed some traditional colours with some more unusual ones, but they all have one thing in common. They all POP with the addition of gold and look fab surrounded by greenery.
Navy blue winter landscape


Dark blue is the colour of intelligence and is often used in the corporate world, but don’t let this stop you from using it at home! It can show lack of emotion but also great depth and when used correctly can be rich, dramatic and cosy. Combined with metallics such as gold can really make navy blue zing.

Close up of pine tree with mid green painted detail


Green is often the colour of wealth and combined with gold adds a touch of luxury. This deep forest green is a traditional Christmas colour of opulence and desire.

Green architectural image with foliage


Layer different shades of green for a softer, botanical vibe. This mid green will help to balance out the darker shades and also your mind. Paler greens are soothing and the best colour to use in your home for relaxation and balance.

Pale pink roses on a blush pink background, pink painted brushstroke pattern over left side


Blush pink is a gorgeous colour which looks great with green. It’s a natural muscle relaxer and anger diffuser. When used alongside the darker shades of green and blue it makes all the colours more powerful and vibrant.

Dark image of pink flowers with bright pink painted detail


This colour is not usually associated with Christmas but time’s are changing and who says we can’t use pink all year round? Magenta shades exude confidence and the combination of hot pink with dark greens and blues is one of my all time favourite.


A new addition to my colour palette! Gold is a mystical colour which represents completion and the end goal. It has strong connections to spirituality and higher purpose. A truly unique colour as it is the only one which has no negative aspects.

So there you have it, my winter palette! Expect to see these colours in my upcoming collections and use them for your own winter colour needs 🙂
Sara x