I’m a very visual person and a collector of images, I love flicking through instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration. As colour is a big part of my work I like to create palettes using images I find online, which I can refer back to when selecting colour schemes.

Looking at pretty images is very therapeutic and a great source for beautiful and free to use images in UNSPLASH

Springtime colour palette

It’s quick and easy to download images and you can do whatever you want with them. I like to create mini mood boards using photoshop, sometimes I combine images and other times I’ll just use the one and pick out the colours I like. I use the brushes tool in photoshop to highlight the colours I want to use for the scheme I’m working on. The image above already has a beautiful, sweet spring vibe so it was easy to pick out the colours!

Palm trees on colourful sunset, tropical colour palette

Another amazing resource for creating colour schemes is COOLORS  on this website you can try out many different colour combinations to create your own palette. The handy thing about coolors is that it also provides you with hex codes!

If you’re feeling uninspired you could also check out DESIGN SEEDS which is one my favourite sites. Here you can browse through literally thousands of different colour schemes all beautifully presented with an image containing those colours.

brightly coloured buildings with painted brushstrokes

Although it is sometimes tempting to go crazy with colour, when creating palettes I always use between 3 and 6 different colours. Less is often more with colour, and when you use fewer shades they become more powerful and you will get more out of them!

I regularly create colour palettes so if you need some inspiration then check out the ones I upload to the ‘colour palettes’ link at the top of the page!

Happy colour scheming!

S x