Another month gone and I’ve finished another series done! I really smashed it out this time with the new series consisting of twelve pieces. I had fun with this one and worked a bit smaller this time. I found the smaller ones a bit more challenging after painting larger canvas sizes for the ‘elsewhere’ series. Here’s a little insight into my thoughts and processes behind the new paintings.

Due to the Covid situation getting so bad in the Uk, I painted these pieces on the boat in a more confined space. Also with a completely different view which I think has influenced the more landscape-y nature of these pieces. I used a lot of similar elements from the last series, I particularly liked adding black to my colour palette as I felt it really made the colours pop.

So black was the first layer of each painting I put down. I was originally thinking about black portals and how you could escape into them- like the painting above. After accidentally painting a form which looked like a mountain and really liking it, I got a bit hooked on this idea of rock formations- as below.

I don’t always use reference material for my work as its generally been very abstract. However now that I am bringing in some more figurative aspects I used images of rock formations to inform the work. This series has the recurring theme of ESCAPISM. 

I wanted to create dream like worlds that you could get lost in, whilst still keeping them very abstract. The colours I chose were purely for aesthetic reasons or ones which are uplifting and work well together. I don’t tend to really plan the colours I’m going to use too much. Although I do often have a rough idea, its easier to select them as I go.

So there you have it! Please leave me any thoughts or feedback in the comments!