Since art school, digital image has informed a lot of my work. The relationship between digital image and more traditional forms of art is one that interests me greatly. The first time I experienced digital art was through photography when I was given a DSLR at art college. The photographing part was not of that much interest to me but I was amazed at how much could be done with an image when its uploaded to the computer.  

Photograph of purple sky by Sara Hoque

Above is a photograph from 2009 of the sky with the silhouette of a tree. I’ve always enjoyed altering natural colours found in the world so that everything looks more saturated and surreal. Digital images have always been an influence and part of my work. I keep an archive of photographs I use for inspiration which are mainly images from nature, but also architecture and science! During art school I started experimenting with moving image by manipulating photographs in a way which created kaleidoscopic visuals. 

Above is a still from one of these moving image pieces. My paintings at the time also adopted a very kaleidoscopic composition to them as I became interested in geometry. The painting below ‘Delphelia Elpenor’ 2013, is a combination of a collaged image and painting. This relationship between digital elements and the act of painting is something I really enjoy.

I’ve also incorporated these geometric elements into my paintings like the oil painting of a stone circle below. I like playing around with these elements and switching and combining the two mediums. It keeps it fun and interesting! If I’m lacking in inspiration its quick and easy for me to create a digital composition, and not have to worry too much about what I’m doing as mistakes are easily erased. Below are some more examples, oldest to newest- see if you can guess which parts are collage/digital and which are hand painted 🙂

Colourful painting of stone boulders and mountains with colourful abstract shapes by Sara Hoque 2017
Pastel abstract painting with bold brushstrokes and architecture collage Sara Hoque 2018
Sand dune image with bright paint marks by Sara Hoque 2020
Colourful psychedelic painting by Sara Hoque