Capturing a sense of awe and wonder through abstract landscapes of saturated colours and dream-like imagery.

My practice combines acrylic paint and collage with digital elements; which are manipulated to create visually appealing compositions with loose, abstract narratives. I enjoy blurring the lines between reality and dreams by mixing familiar imagery with vivid colours and unbounded forms.  These surreal elements demand attention and transport you to other worldly places.

I find inspiration in my dreams and my surroundings, both natural and man-made. By exploring the mixing of reality and altered states, I allow my mind to wander. Colour is a tool to capture the energy we feel when first confronted with something beautiful; that feeling of seeing something for the first time. My art is an escapism and a way to heal, through both the action of painting and absorbing the final piece.

You can find me working in my studio in East London or cruising the waterways in and around London on my narrowboat.

Sara Hoque initials
Portrait of artist Sara Hoque in her narrowboat

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