My works combine image and colour to create abstract and psychedelic influenced pieces which blur the lines between reality and dreams.

I’m a mixed media artist working mainly with acrylic paint, collage and digital work combining these elements together. I manipulate images and paint to create visually appealing compositions with loose abstract narratives. This combination of image and colour, reminiscent of dream like and altered-states, comes from the the recesses of my unconscious.

I find inspiration in my dreams and the world around me, I am fascinated with how it is interpreted by our unconscious. My subject matter ranges from both natural and man-made landscapes and structures, from architectural to scientific and natural. I believe that art and colour connects with us on a deeper level, which is something I have used as a tool for self healing and believe that others can benefit from this too.

You can find me working in my studio in East London or cruising the waterways in and around London on my narrowboat.

Sara Hoque initials
Portrait of artist Sara Hoque in her narrowboat