Hi there!

I’m a colour obsessed artist who creates psychedelic abstracts. My practice is centred around colour and my perceptions of the world- natural, man-made and everything in between.

From a young age I’ve used art as a form of therapy, and painting as a way to soothe the soul. Since graduating with a degree in Fine Art I started to work more with colour (after a lifetime of favouring black as my colour of choice). Over the past few years I have experimented and researched the colour spectrum, now my colour palette has expanded to include all shades and hues.

I’m a mixed media artist working mainly in acrylic painting, collage and digital work combining these two elements together. I’m constantly collecting images and I find a deep satisfaction in creating compositions which aid my creative process by informing my use of colour and brushstrokes. 

I find inspiration from everywhere including nature, architecture and the unconscious. I also think that art and colour can connect with us on a deeper level, which is something I have used as a tool my whole life and believe that everyone else can benefit from this too.

Sara Hoque initials