Capturing a sense of awe and wonder through abstract landscapes of saturated colours and dream-like imagery.

Awe, is an emotion defined as an “overwhelming and bewildering sense of connection with a startling universe that is usually far beyond the narrow band of our consciousness.” (Paul Pearsall, Awe: The Delights and Dangers of Our Eleventh Emotion)

As a young child we experience these moments frequently; a privilege we often outgrow. I aim to capture these experiences through my work as I believe this wonderful and often forgotten way of seeing the world has an impact on our emotional wellbeing.

My practice combines acrylic paint and collaged images of landscapes, dreams and memories. Which are manipulated to create visually appealing compositions with loose, abstract narratives. I enjoy blurring the lines between reality and dreams by mixing familiar imagery with vivid colours and unbounded forms.

I use colour as a tool to capture the energy we feel when first confronted with something beautiful; that feeling of seeing something for the first time. The surreal elements demand attention and transport you to other worldly places. I believe in creating experiences, ones in which you can get lost in.

Artist Statement 2021

Sara Hoque initials

Sara was born in Yorkshire in 1991 and graduated from Kingston University in 2013 with a 1st Class Honours in Fine Art. Since graduating she has been living in London and currently resides on a 40ft narrowboat cruising the waterways. Her love of nature and ever-changing landscape is a strong influence on her work and provides a wealth of inspiration. Sara works from her studio in East London.


The Other Art Fair, Truman Brewery, London 2021

Drunk on Colour, BSMT Gallery London 2018

,Dreams, The Beehive, London 2017


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