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Photograph of artist Sara Hoque holding a plant on a green background

Brush and Botany is run by Sara, a colour obsessed artist and plant lover.

Would it surprise you if I said that my art career started with a dark colour palette, consisting mainly of black? I have always dressed in black, as sufferer of depression I have consistently been drawn to this colour. I figured it was an accurate reflection of my mood.

Whilst I was studying Fine Art I was forced to start using other colours and I began to feel different. My attitude towards colour changed and it amazed me to find out how much colour impacts everything. I began to learn about the colour spectrum and the effects of different colours on the mind and body.

The spaces we live and work in have an effect on our mental health and I started Brush + Botany as a fresh way of approaching this issue by encouraging people to have a positive work and living environment with the use of colour and plants.

I believe in making people feel positive through their spaces, and that with the correct use of colour and the addition of plants I can change the way people feel in their surroundings. Two things which have helped me massively!

I still dress in (mostly) all black but I surround myself in colour through my art and living space. Now my favourite colour is pink – a great anger eliminator and muscle relaxer!

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