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Creating colour schemes

I’m a very visual person and a collector of images, I love flicking through instagram and Pinterest to find inspiration. As colour is a big part of my work I like to create palettes using images I find online, which I can refer back to when selecting colour schemes.

Looking at pretty images is very therapeutic and a great source for beautiful and free to use images in UNSPLASH

Springtime colour palette

It’s quick and easy to download images and you can do whatever you want with them. I like to create mini mood boards using photoshop, sometimes I combine images and other times I’ll just use the one and pick out the colours I like. I use the brushes tool in photoshop to highlight the colours I want to use for the scheme I’m working on. The image above already has a beautiful, sweet spring vibe so it was easy to pick out the colours!

Palm trees on colourful sunset, tropical colour palette

Another amazing resource for creating colour schemes is COOLORS  on this website you can try out many different colour combinations to create your own palette. The handy thing about coolors is that it also provides you with hex codes!

If you’re feeling uninspired you could also check out DESIGN SEEDS which is one my favourite sites. Here you can browse through literally thousands of different colour schemes all beautifully presented with an image containing those colours.

brightly coloured buildings with painted brushstrokes

Although it is sometimes tempting to go crazy with colour, when creating palettes I always use between 3 and 6 different colours. Less is often more with colour, and when you use fewer shades they become more powerful and you will get more out of them!

I regularly create colour palettes so if you need some inspiration then check out the ones I upload to the ‘colour palettes’ link at the top of the page!

Happy colour scheming!

S x

Interior colour trends Winter 2018

Last week I shared the winter colour palette I’ll be using in my art and pots this season. I’m obsessing over navy blues, pinks, golds and botanical greens. Bringing the outside in is really important for our wellbeing, especially when you live in a city. We all need to be surrounded by green so I will certainly be including foliage in my decor this winter. Here’s how you can include them in your own decor and I’ve hand picked some of the best examples from Pinterest!

Navy blue christmas 2018 interiors with magenta accessories
Zingy Pink and Moody Backgrounds

I am a sucker for all things pink and I love it even more when its on a dark background. Bright pinks really pop against navy or grey and increase its powerful uplifting energy! It’s bold and confident and provides you with that energy boost and confidence you need during the darker months.

Green and gold interior design tips and tricks

Forest greens and gold

Forest green is calming and balancing and its one of my first choices for wall colours- especially in the bedroom. You don’t necessarily have to paint a whole wall to get the full effect. Gather some greenery or decorate your plants for Christmas with touches of gold!

Pink interior with pink christmas tree and decor
Blush Pink

Pink pink pink! You can go all out but I like to keep it in the details. Blush pink and gold are a great combo for accessories and help to bring warmth and brightness to your space. Blush pink blankets are a must for curling up on the sofa and relaxing.

Scandinavian Botanicals

Greenery works with everything! Whether you prefer more pinks, or navy blues, or if you like to keep it fresh and simple you can still bring about that wintery feeling.

I’ve created a board for these colour trends which I will be adding to throughout the season. Follow for more!

S x

The Winter Colour Palette

Botanicals are still in this year- yay! I’ve created a winter palette which looks perfect against winter foliage which means its time to get the pine sprigs and poinsetta’s out.
I’ve mixed some traditional colours with some more unusual ones, but they all have one thing in common. They all POP with the addition of gold and look fab surrounded by greenery.
Navy blue winter landscape


Dark blue is the colour of intelligence and is often used in the corporate world, but don’t let this stop you from using it at home! It can show lack of emotion but also great depth and when used correctly can be rich, dramatic and cosy. Combined with metallics such as gold can really make navy blue zing.

Close up of pine tree with mid green painted detail


Green is often the colour of wealth and combined with gold adds a touch of luxury. This deep forest green is a traditional Christmas colour of opulence and desire.

Green architectural image with foliage


Layer different shades of green for a softer, botanical vibe. This mid green will help to balance out the darker shades and also your mind. Paler greens are soothing and the best colour to use in your home for relaxation and balance.

Pale pink roses on a blush pink background, pink painted brushstroke pattern over left side


Blush pink is a gorgeous colour which looks great with green. It’s a natural muscle relaxer and anger diffuser. When used alongside the darker shades of green and blue it makes all the colours more powerful and vibrant.

Dark image of pink flowers with bright pink painted detail


This colour is not usually associated with Christmas but time’s are changing and who says we can’t use pink all year round? Magenta shades exude confidence and the combination of hot pink with dark greens and blues is one of my all time favourite.


A new addition to my colour palette! Gold is a mystical colour which represents completion and the end goal. It has strong connections to spirituality and higher purpose. A truly unique colour as it is the only one which has no negative aspects.

So there you have it, my winter palette! Expect to see these colours in my upcoming collections and use them for your own winter colour needs 🙂
Sara x

How to use colour for each day of the week

Hi! I’m excited about this post because it’s something a bit different. I read a lot of books on colour theory and whilst reading June McLeod’s ‘Colour Psychology Today’ I came across this interesting concept of using certain colours on days of the week to push you in the right direction. June’s work on all things colour is really innovative and she is a brilliant colour psychology consultant.

You can use these colours by wearing them, or if you’re like me and you don’t wear colour, you can find an object and sit it on your desk or wherever you need it. I’m using these colours in terms of my working week as it helps to bring me some structure and the examples in June’s book are also based around work. But you can interpret it and use it in any aspect of your life or change it any way you like!

Monstera leaf on white background with painted purple circle


Violet is a magical colour which can recharge and inspire. Inspiration is key at the beginning of the week and to kick those Monday blues! Use this inspiration to plan your week- what do you want to achieve? Get creative!

Take action motivational quote in bold red font on peach background


You’ve planned what you want to achieve this week and now its time to TAKE ACTION. It’s still the beginning of the week and time to set your plans into motion. Red gives you confidence and passion to push forwards.

Yellow rose bud with decorative yellow brush strokes


It’s no secret that yellow is a happy and uplifting colour, and it will give you a mid week boost to keep you going. It’s the colour of knowledge and empowerment so now’s the time to concentrate on ideas and feel re-energised.

Green leaves on a sky blue background with blue painted accents


Blue is the colour of communication. If you are feeling stuck, take the time to relax and re-think your communication or creative expression. Blue helps to slow your heart rate and bring to back to a peaceful state where you can communicate more clearly.

Green leaf collage with green brushstrokes in different shades


The balancing nature of green will help you to get back to your centre which is needed to check the weeks projects. Green is the colour of growth and rejuvenation, so use this energy to finalise your tasks and look forward to new ideas!

Indigo mountain scene with purple brushstrokes


Indigo is calming and relaxing. Chill out and enjoy the things that make you happy, listen to your body and do something for yourself. Indigo is also a great aid to meditation and wants you to listen to your inner self.

Colourful flowers with 'Joy' is bold white writing


Orange is sociable and joyful. It’s happy and encourages great conversation, so spend today with family and friends! The warm energy of orange is revitalising and encourages you to let go of negative emotions.

How Colours Affect Us

Colour is fascinating and what really interests me is how they can impact our sense of wellbeing. Since starting Brush + Botany I have been doing a lot of research into the emotional and physiological effects that colours have on us. Although there is a lot of compelling research into colours and the effects on our mind and body, the topic is often surrounded by controversy. I’ve been wondering if there is any scientific evidence to prove that colour really does influence our mood.

Colours are wavelengths of light. White light can be passed through a prism and separates into all the visible colours- violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. The warm colours (red, orange, yellow) have a longer wavelength. The cooler colours (violet, blue, green) have a shorter wavelength.

Closeup of purple crystal with light shining through

Light is a form of energy which we receive through the light sensitive cells in the retina. These cells (called cones) at the back of the eye, send electrochemical signals to the visual cortex where we form images. We also know that retinal ganglion cells respond to light by sending signals to the hypothalamus. This part of the brain is responsible for the secretion of hormones which control a lot of our bodies self-regulation (including temperature, sleep, hunger and circadian rhythms.)

Our circadian rhythms work by exposure to different types of light and the release of the hormones melatonin and cortisol. Exposure to morning light (which is blue/green) prompts the release of cortisol which is stimulating and makes us feel more awake. In the late evening the blue light in sunlight is reduced and melatonin is released into our blood stream and we become drowsy.

Turquoise crystal close up

The non image forming cells in the eyes are sensitive to light with short wavelengths which are the blue and green colours of the spectrum. This proves that there is a physiological mechanism in the body which if affected by light and colour. There are other factors that we need to consider when thinking about the emotional effects of colour, such as our psychological and cultural experiences.

However it is interesting to realise how many different ways colours do affect us. Colours can affect our perception of spaces (making them feel bigger or smaller), they can also influence our shopping decisions, they also hold strong symbolic meanings which differ from culture to culture.

Mental Health Week

It’s mental health week! So I thought I would write a post about my experience with mental health. Here goes…

I have struggled with depression since I was pretty young, probably right from my early teens. It’s been a huge part of my life and having a mum who suffers from bipolar disorder has made mental health a very open topic in my family which I am grateful for. That doesn’t make it any easier though! I’ve struggled to keep a regular job and with the ability to work consistently, which is why I started my own business.

Although it can be incredibly difficult, working to my own timetable is much better for my mental health. I believe that anyone with any kind of mental health issue can achieve great things- they just need to go about it in their own way!

This week I will be working on some new plant-themed motivational posters to celebrate mental health awareness and understanding. They will be available as instant downloads from my Etsy shop for you to enjoy- visit ‘shop’ link on my site.

Surrounding yourself with positive vibes and creating a comfortable environment is a great way to starve off any bad feelings- its not a permanent fix but it can definitely help.

I like to surround myself in certain colours as I feel they have a very positive impact on my mood- especially pastel tones which crop up ALOT in my work. They have such a soothing quality I can’t resist! It might come as a suprise that it was only recently that I discovered colour, throughout my art education I primarily used shades of black as I felt it reflected my mood. Although there was nothing wrong with reflecting how I felt- it almost ended up dictating my moods.

Constantly staring at dark paint did not have a positive effect on my mind and it was then that I started experimenting with colour. I found that even though I didn’t feel good on the inside, the use of colour actually helped to make me feel a lot better.

Now I am hooked on the power of colour, and I am educating myself on colour psychology and learning cool new things about colour all the time. It has such a powerful effect on our lives and painting a room in a certain colour can really effect the way we feel in that space!

So keep it colourful!


Colour + Plants = Happiness

I started out as a figurative painter and it was only whilst studying that I discovered the joys of abstract art. I started working with colour and pattern, and now I’m hooked!


I have struggled with depression for most of my life and art has always been a positive outlet. Nature also is a big source of inspiration to me and I feel better when I’m surrounded by plants. I believe that plants and colour can have a very positive impact on mental health so I’ve just combined them!

Painting pots is something I stumbled upon by accident very recently. When I was looking at my houseplants I wondered why there was a lack of colourful plant pots- so I went searching for some new ones but found that it wasn’t easy to find what I was looking for. I then had a lightbulb moment of ‘I could just paint them myself!’

And that is how BRUSH + BOTANY was born.

Above are the first set of pots I ever painted! Now I have a a large collection of pots in lots of different colours to suit all spaces and moods.

Colour can make you feel a range of different feelings- for example green is very balancing and we often think of growth as it is the colour of nature. I like to experiment with the psychological nature of colour when choosing particular palettes so that I can create products to suit different needs.

I believe in PLANTS + COLOUR EVERYWHERE but in the bedroom you might want something a bit more calming (think earthy green or pale blue) and perhaps you want something to get your creative juices flowing on your desk (bright pink or sky blue).

Just take your pick.