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Otherworld Series

Another month gone and I’ve finished another series done! I really smashed it out this time with the new series consisting of twelve pieces. I had fun with this one and worked a bit smaller this time. I found the smaller ones a bit more challenging after painting larger canvas sizes for the ‘elsewhere’ series. Here’s a little insight into my thoughts and processes behind the new paintings.

Due to the Covid situation getting so bad in the Uk, I painted these pieces on the boat in a more confined space. Also with a completely different view which I think has influenced the more landscape-y nature of these pieces. I used a lot of similar elements from the last series, I particularly liked adding black to my colour palette as I felt it really made the colours pop.

So black was the first layer of each painting I put down. I was originally thinking about black portals and how you could escape into them- like the painting above. After accidentally painting a form which looked like a mountain and really liking it, I got a bit hooked on this idea of rock formations- as below.

Mountain landscapes have been a recurring theme in my work for many years. I’ve often liked playing with this idea of figurative and abstract together. Recently I’ve been thinking about how I can bring all the elements together from almost a decade of work and these are what I came up with. The main themes here, and something that I’ve realised has always played an important part of my work is- ESCAPISM.

I wanted to create dream like worlds that you could get lost in, whilst still keeping them very abstract. The colours I chose were purely for aesthetic reasons or ones which are uplifting and work well together. I don’t tend to really plan the colours I’m going to use too much. Although I do often have a rough idea, its easier to select them as I go.

Just for fun, here are some much older pieces of art which informed this series!

So there you have it! Please leave me any thoughts or feedback in the comments!


Elsewhere Series

I’m excited to present to you a new series on canvas! Following the announcement about another month long lockdown in the UK to reduce the spread of COVID, I managed to bag myself a studio space pretty last minute. This means that I’m now able to work on larger scale pieces. After experiencing some of the strangest months as a result of the virus I’ve been ready to get completely lost in my painting, and that’s the theme for this series. 


Photograph of studio showing the process of painting gradient backgrounds

All of my work explores colour and how it can be used as a tool to heal and feel certain emotions. When I paint I often get lost in the colour, the work, and the process which was the basis for this series. I often use Pantone colour cards when selecting colours so that I can see how they will work together.

Mixing palette with colourful acrylic paint
Painting progress showing paintbrush covered in pink acrylic paint

A lot of the ideas for this collection were quite abstract too. I wanted to create other-worldly vibes, hence the use of certain shapes and forms. I love adding a collage element to my paintings too; so in this series its come in the form of leaves. I’m not quite sure of the significance of these but they felt right. 

Showing painting progress in the studio
Abstract painting series in the studio

My process is often governed by what ‘feels’ right so for me its a very intuitive process. This is something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately! Although I am inspired by the world around me, I do not use reference material when I paint. A lot of the time I am just sitting around waiting for the work to flow from the subconscious. 

Paintbrushes in pot infront of painting

To see the full collection click the link below and please give me your thoughts and feedback 🙂