Colour drives every aspect of our lives and it is a known fact that it affects our emotions and physiological reactions.

Here’s a little overview of the POSITIVE qualities of colour to help you select the best colour for your mood.


Energising, determined, confident, passionate

Red is stimulating and has a powerful effect on our mental and physical energies. It gives us determination, and fills us with the need to live and succeed. Red has the longest wavelength with the closest vibration to infrared light, creating the feeling of fiery heat and warmth. This physical colour boosts the metabolism, promotes adrenaline release and increases our blood pressure and heart rate. Use red to stimulate and boost energy and passion.

Associated with the root chakra for safety, survival and grounding. It connects us to the Earth and its energy.


Joyful, sociable, self-confident, creative

Orange works powerfully on the emotional self, it promotes a sense of general wellness and helps us to feel liberated and happy. It encourages self confidence and sociability through its stimulating properties. Orange aids creativity, encouraging us to nurture our create impulses and put them into action. It is the colour of joy, and can act as an antidote to loneliness, depression and lethargy. Orange encourages togetherness, use it for sociability and to lift your spirits and free your emotions.

Associated with the sacral chakra which is connected to your emotions and feelings, gut instincts and sexual needs.


Uplifting, focused, energising, intellectual

Yellow has the energy of knowledge and empowerment. It stimulates the left side of the brain for more logical thinking and is the colour of intellect. Yellow can be used to enhance mental aptitude and focus the mind. This colour is also used as an antidote for depression and can enhance feelings of self worth. Use yellow to energise your mind and banish feelings of sadness and self doubt.

Associated with solar plexus chakra which symbolises mental abilities, intellect and personal power.


Balancing, harmonising, calming, renewal

Green is the colour of nature, our eye muscles do not need to adjust to green making it the easiest colour for the human eye to see. With its soothing and relaxing qualities it can alleviate anxiety and depression by calming the physical and emotional body, as well as the nervous system. Green is in the middle of the colour spectrum and therefore brings with it a balancing quality which helps to bring us back to our centre. Use green to strengthen your inner core and stimulate fresh new ideas.

Associated with the heart chakra which is connected to love and compassion.


Calming, communicative, reflective, relaxing

Sky blue envelops us in peace and tranquility. A relaxing colour which provides us with a cool healing energy and feelings of safety. Blue has anti inflammatory properties, which also soothes emotions and allows us to communicate freely. It has the power to slow down our energy flow and encourages us to take a moment to breathe and open our channels of communication. Use blue to take a minute and slow down.

Associated with the throat chakra responsible for communication and expression.


Intuitive, cleansing, fearless, transformational

Indigo, being next to sky blue on the spectrum also has a calming and peaceful effect of the body. it commands us to slow down and to listen to our inner voice making it a great colour for meditation! It is linked to our higher mind and gives us the ability to expand our consciousness and develop faith in our own intuition and spirituality. Use indigo for introspection and to cleanse the mind and body.

Associated with the brow or ‘third eye’ chakra linked to intuition, insight and inner wisdom.


Purifying, inspirational, cleansing, spiritual

Purple combines the energy and passion of red with the strong healing qualities of blue. It is a strong spiritual colour and can enhance your passion for creativity. With great cleansing properties on both mind and body, purple can be used to banish any negativity and purify thoughts. Purple is the most paradoxical colour on the spectrum, and can oscillate between feelings of upliftment and melancholy.

Associated with the crown chakra which is responsible for spiritual awareness and universal consciousness.


Nurturing, soothing, loving, relaxing

Pink is a great colour for letting go, it has the ability to calm the atmosphere and restore peace. With its soothing and calming capabilities it disperses anger and negativity. Pink calms emotions and helps to relax the muscles. Associated with the heart, it’s a nurturing colour which encourages us to love ourselves and others. Use pink to encourage self acceptance and love or soothe away any anxieties.


Releasing, restoring, motivated, focused

Magenta encompasses the energy and motivation of red. It is a colour for moving forwards, motivation and organisation. It’s a bold colour which¬† allows you to create a sense of perspective. Magenta’s restoring qualities encourages you to break away from bad habits and get back onto a path of focus. Use magenta to put into action inspirational ideas and actions.


Innovative, illuminating, pure, unifying

White holds all the colours of the spectrum within it, illuminating everything in its space. It’s the colour associated with purity and creates a feeling of cleanliness and calm. White can help to open the mind and encourage clarity of thought. Other colours appear more vibrant when used next to white. Use white for deep thinking and facing your inner demons as it encourages you to look within.


Protective, renewal, powerful, security

Black absorbs light, when the other colours are placed next to black it enhances their qualities as they become stronger and more vibrant. Black is a physically protective colour which creates a time for you to retreat and contemplate. It is also the colour of renewal, think hibernation or a good night’s sleep. Black prepares you for new exciting things, and helps to restore and renew your being.