Wales 2021

I’m writing this upon my recent return from North Wales. It’s been many years since I visited and only this time did I feel I gained the most energy and inspiration. As well as a few sketches I also took many photographs which I will most definitely be translating into my work over the coming months.

Green forest with moss covered trees North Wales

There’s this feeling I get when I step into beautiful nature like this. An explosion of beauty and colour and I realised how strongly these images inform my practice, not just the colour but the space and shapes. It’s this feeling of awe that I want to replicate in my paintings.

Natural waterfall in a welsh forest
View of the beach covered in seaweed from north Wales

I experienced a lot of different types of nature here, from forests to coastline. Water was the one thing which was present throughout the whole trip- from the rain, to waterfalls and the ocean.

View of the ocean over wild flowers in North Wales
Green forest in Wales with ferns

This post was mainly just to offload some photographs I took of the trip but I hope you enjoy! 

Sara x

Interesting swirl pattern in tree root